Sunday, November 20, 2016

I bought Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

The Price

In Korea, the price is about USD$ 458.59 (KRW \539,760) with 2 years contract.
It's expensive for me, but I consider that I can be satisfied for bike riding.

Outside of Package

There is only one. The case is Cylinder and Black. Impressive.

Inside of Package

Gear S3 Frontier, Cradle, Power Adaptor, Short Strap, and Manual.

Design of Gear S3 Frontier

Bigger and Heavier then Gear S2. But I like it.


Gear S3 is booted by pushing home button simply. and showing logos.

After boot, It shows some infomations for Gear Apps.
I download several Gear Apps from Google playstore.

Single Mode / Bluetooth Mode

Gear S3 can choose its mode. It can run itself or sync with a smartphone.
I can sync my phone with Gear S3.

After syncronization, Gear S3 gets same address and phone number.
When discconected from my phone, It can run single mode with new phone number.
Only in single mode, It can call a phone and text.


I don't know how many Watchfaces are there.
This watchface is default, named "Frontier".


It starts in 85% battery when unboxing. It's now 64%. It spent about 20% for 8 hours.

For 8 hours, I use 1 Call, 16 Texts, Clicking all apps embedded, with Bluetooth mode 7 hours, and WIFI option is Auto-On.

I want to find how to conserve energy.
The review is end.